Spanish Numbers Word Search

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A Word Search with Numbers in Spanish

I never thought that I would say this but I am going to do it:

Numbers are Fun. I was the kind of person that truly hate math and numbers with all their hearts. My school grades in math were really bad and I have always struggle with anything that deals with numbers. But, a few years ago, I started to read a lot about numbers and I really like them nowadays.

Why I like numbers? You might ask.

Well, the more you learn about the hidden logics of how digits work and interact with each other the more you become a math or number lover. There is something mystical around them in my opinion. You will start to find patterns and relations in ways that you never expected before.

This Spanish Number Word Search is dedicated to all those that, like me, used to hate numbers. In this word find you will find some prime, double and triple digit. Are you ready to find all of the in this brain game?

A table with all the numbers translated

In this table you will find all the numbers of the wordsearch translated into Spanish

One HundredCien
One ThousandMil
Nine HundredNovecientos
Two HundredDoscientos
One MillionMillon
Three ThousandTres Mil
Seven HundredSetecientos
Numbers of the Puzzle in Spanish

Answer to this Spanish Number Word Search

The answers to all the games are place in a different folder. You can find the related answer by looking either for the theme of the puzzle or the number. This is Puzzle Number 2. Theme “numbers” Click here to find out more: Spanish Word Search Answers

Thre funny facts about numbers

Numbers are fun! These are three facts about them that you might not know:

  • Zero is the only number that cannot be written with Roman Characters
  • Zero has been discovered by different cultures in different times in History
  • Four is the only number that is spelled with the same amount of letters as the value of the number

If you like this wordsearch puzzles in Spanish

These puzzles are free for you to download and share with anyone you like. If you like this word find about number you can get more games and print them by clicking here: Spanish Word Search Printables.

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