Word Search Books & Printables in Spanish

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Looking to find inner peace and focus?

Themed Word Find Games to Relax and Have Fun for Adults and Seniors
This book contains 200 carefully curated puzzles with 4,200 words to find.

Get your copy and embark on a delightful journey of word hunting today!

200 Different Themes:
As you proceed with the puzzles, you will encounter various themes, including nature, history, famous personalities, and exotic locations. Each new puzzle you solve will take you on an exciting experience and put your brain cells to the test.

Hours of Fun with Thousands of Words:
This book contains 4,200 words, offering countless hours of entertainment and cognitive development.
Whether you prefer to relax at home or enjoy the outdoors, this book is your go-to companion for fun and intellectual stimulation.

Full-Page Puzzles:
Each puzzle is featured on a separate page to ensure a clean and well-structured layout, providing a clutter-free and enjoyable experience.

Large Print:
The clear, easy-to-read fonts and aesthetically pleasing layouts enhance the solving experience, allowing you to focus solely on unraveling words. Large print letters reduce visual fatigue.

Expand Your Vocabulary:
Experience the captivating world of words and vocabulary; each page offers an exciting challenge and a chance to expand your language.

You can find the answer key for each puzzle at the book’s end.

The words are hidden horizontally, vertically, diagonally, and backward, providing hours of engaging challenge.

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We created a massive bundle with 100 Puzzles with 1,800 Words in Spanish for just $9,75.

Ready to use in class

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Some people asked for it and my husband has helped me to set up a Teachers pay Teachers store called The Spanish Bee.

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Book 1

Word Search in Spanish Puzzles Around the World

  • 90 Themed Puzzles · 2100 Words
  • Curiosities about each country
  • Solutions at the end of the book
  • Printed on high quality paper

$ 8.99


Book 2

500 Word Search Puzzles for Adults Large Print

  • 500 Puzzles · 9600 Words
  • Large Print to reduce visual fatigue
  • Solutions at the end of the book
  • Printed on high quality paper

$ 11.99

Book 3

Spanish Bible Word Search Book Large Print

  • 90 Themed Puzzles Bible versicles
  • Bible reflections ans hours of fun
  • Solutions at the end of the book
  • Printed on high quality paper

$ 8.99

Book 4

The Spanish Word Search Challenge Book

  • 301 Themed Puzzles · 5800 Words
  • Different Grid Shapes = more fun
  • Pages to track your progress
  • Printed on high quality paper

$ 7.99

Book 5

Sopa de Letras en Español con Letra Grande

  • 100 Puzzles · 2400 Words
  • Large Print to reduce visual fatigue
  • Solutions at the end of the book
  • Printed on high quality paper

$ 5.99

Book 6

Sopa de Letras en Español con Letra Grande

  • 200 Puzzles · 4800 Words
  • Large Print to reduce visual fatigue
  • Solutions at the end of the book
  • Printed on high quality paper

$ 5.99

Our new book is out!

A HUGE book with 500 word searches in spanish for adults and seniors and 9.600 words to find.


100 Curisosities and funny facts about nature, food, history, plants…


A high quality paperback printed with a large font specially designed for adults and seniors.


Travel the world with our book

Spanish word search book cover

Travel to the most beautiful places in the world with our new word search puzzle book.

Designed with Large Print with seniors in mind. 90 Puzzles – Over 2000 words.

A good way to relax and boost your memory and excersise your mind.

All our books are printed on high quality paper.

$ 7.99

Our latest Spanish Word Search Printables

Free printables to download. Select the topic you like and print it!

About these Spanish Word Search Printables

A couple of quick notes about all these brain games in Spanish.

Word Search in Spanish in PDF format

When you pick a theme in the printables section you will find the puzzle and a button so that you can save the game in PDF or directly print the puzzle at home.

All the puzzles are ready to Print

All the puzzles are in PDF format to make it easy for you. The size of the PDF is approximately 11 x 8.5 inches or you can use an A4 and check the button scale to fit when you print the PDF.

Spanish Word Search Rules

The rules to solve these games are simple. You will find a grid with many letters arrange in it. There is a list of words in Spanish that you have to find in order to succeed. These brain games are not difficult, but please be aware that words are arranged in any direction. They can be found horizontally, vertically and in a diagonal. Also, the hidden word can overlap.

In the image below you will find a sample of the 15×15 grid of the puzles and the directions in which you can find the words.

Are all these Word Searches in Spanish Free?

Yes. All the puzzles you can find in this website are free!

You can print, share and make anything you want with them.

The only restriction is not to use them with commercial purposes. I crafted the games over the years to help my grandmother to exercise her mind and keep active while being at home. She really enjoyed the puzzles and that’s why I decided to upload all the mind games for free so that other people can benefit from them.

Also, because I have been asked to compile them all together in a PDF. This is why I have arranged and self-publish them in books. More on the books coming soon…

Benefits of these word find puzzles in Spanish

As I was saying, I made these puzzles for my granny because I learned that word searches are good to keep a sharp brain. It seems that pattern recognition while making word find puzzles is a good way to challenge your mind. I have to say that I am not sure whether this is completely true. What I can say is that my abuelita was really happy every time I send her one of the wordsearches in Spanish.

Where can I find the Answers?

One other thing that people have been asking me is that I also upload the answers to the puzzles. So, I am going to slowly work on saving all the solutions as a PDF and upload all the answers to the website.

Find the Spanish Word Search Answers here.

This is a sample of how the Spanish Word Search Answers look like

Word find games with Large Print

All the word find games in this website are designed with big fonts and letters.

This large print puzzles make it easier to people with difficulties and elderly and seniors.

Spanish Word Search for Beginners

The games you will are thought with beginners in mind. These easy Spanish WordSearches are perfect for both adults and kids.

They will help to increase your Spanish vocabulary and learn with them while having fun!